Episode 10

Virtues Vs Vices: The Morality Play

Published on: 16th August, 2021

Episode 57

The Morality play is a type of play that for all its similarities and shared heritage with the Corpus Christi cycle plays brought something new to the world of drama and had a profound effect on the future development of theatre.

How the Morality Plays are different from Cycle Plays

The Development of the ideas around the seven vices and virtues and how they developed into personified characters

The development of education in the Middle Ages and the influence on monastic preaching

The presentation of Morality plays and the move away from the church feast day

Examples of the different sort of Morality plays that we have mention of in the records

The five extant Morality Plays

The developing commercial nature of theatre including the travelling troupe of players and the booth stage

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