That Shakespeare Life: A Conversation with Cassidy Cash

Published on: 6th May, 2024

Bonus Episode 35:

A conversation with Cassidy Cash, producer and host of 'That Shakespeare Life', the podcast that interviews expert historians to explore people, events, and objects that were living or happening in Shakespeare’s lifetime.

Cassidy Cash is a Shakespeare historian, historical map illustrator, and host of That Shakespeare Life, That Shakespeare Life is currently ranked the #2 Shakespeare history podcast in the world. In addition to podcasting, Cassidy creates independent films about 16-17th century history and illustrated history maps that diagram life in turn of the 17th century England. Her documentary shorts and animated films about Shakespeare's history have won international film awards for both history and animation. Cassidy is a member of the National Council on Public History, The American Historical Association, the Renaissance Society of America, the Shakespeare Association of America, and most recently she was elected Associate Fellow at the Royal Historical Society for her contributions to history. Her work and historical map ilustrations have been published in multiple academic journals and on major history platforms including History Magazine, HistoryHit, Tudor Places Magazine, and Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

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